Water Issues

I am the bipartisan leader addressing our water problems.

I have helped to reestablish the Legislative Water Commission on water quality and sustainability. I have worked hard to collaborate with businesses, residents and local governments to answer questions, gather feedback, and keep out communities updated about what the legislature is doing to protect our water supply. It is critical that we safeguard White Bear Lake's natural resources to achieve environmental sustainability as well as recreational enjoyment. I was also an author of legislation to invest $300,000 in the Race 2 Reduce program to empower students to become leaders of change in reducing overall water use. To learn more about this program go to: http://www.race2reduce.org.

Restoring White Bear Lake and ensuring a sustainable water supply for the northeast metropolitan region are among my top priorities. By working collaboratively with area residents, the business community, local elected officials, and government agencies, I am making progress toward solving our water shortages. I played a key role in securing funding to study potential solutions, establish a level playing field for all water users, strengthen enforcement of water permits, and improve water monitoring and analysis.

We have made great progress in addressing our local water shortages. But there is more work to be done. It's time for action to bring our water levels up. Permanently. -Peter Fischer
  • The League of Minnesota Cities named me a 'Legislator of Distinction' in 2013 and 2014 for putting a major focus on restoring White Bear Lake and ensuring sustainable supplies of water for communities throughout Minnesota.
  • I led a bipartisan group to address regional water issues to keep our communities up to date about what the legislature is doing to protect our water supply.
  • I was chief author of the bipartisan Legislative Water Commission bill. As a member of this newly created commission, I am charged with informing the legislature about the latest water sustainability strategies and making policy recommendations to ensure sustainable supplies of water in Minnesota.

Trapping of Wildlife

This past legislative session I was a chief author on many bills related to trapping of wolves and wildlife. I know how important it is to protect endangered species, with wolves being a keystone predator, they are an important component of our ecosystem. We must protect them and make sure that they do not go extinct.

A few trapping bills that I authored were:

  • House File 3884 & 1655 - Trap requirements modified, permission for traps and snares required, reporting required, license forfeiture for violations required, and criminal penalties provided.
  • House File 2138 - Trapping without written permission on private land that is not posted prohibited.
  • House File 1618 - Wolf hunting five-year moratorium reinstated.