I pledge to treat everyone with respect, build community though advocacy and lasting partnerships, and create opportunities for hard-working Minnesotans. – Peter Fischer

My guiding principle has always been to treat everyone with respect. My ability to work respectfully and collaboratively with others is something I have been recognized for by The Minnesota League of Cities. Currently I have been working with a bi-cameral, bi-partisan group to address the various issues our community faces.


Chief Author:

House File 2570 - Ramsey County; Rush Line Corridor Transitway funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

House File 3885 - Peace officer involved shooting critical incident review process established.

House File 3886 - Human Rights to Water Act established.

House File 1317 - Trapping and baiting wolves and use of snares to take wild animals prohibited, and criminal penalties provided.

House File 288 - Gives businesses Capital Equipment Sales and Use Tax Exemption at time of purchase instead of having to apply for the refund using a complicated process that took lots of time. The bill cuts red tape and allows businesses to receive their credit at the point of purchase.

House File 469 - Eliminates the Sales and Use Tax that Cities and Counties pay on

House File 834 - Extended the Sunset provision on the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee to allow them to finish their work on addressing water supply issues in the region.

House File 684 - Funds the studies to protect water supplies in the Northeast Metro, which addresses the issues around White Bear Lake.

House File 1372 - Provided funds for the DNR to use in establishing water management areas in the State of Minnesota. The East Metro is the first Ground Water Management Area that was established in the State. Work is now occurring to address the surface and ground water issues using a collaborative process.

I have also been a co-author on over 123 bills covering a wide range of issues. Some of the issues:

  • Marriage Equality
  • State Bonding Bill
  • Allowing Personal Care Attendants the right to have an election to form a union
  • Created a Solid Waste Collection Process that is supportive of small haulers
  • Established the Safe Harbors Act for sexually exploited children

I have voted for bills that:

  • Balanced the State Budget without using games or gimmicks
  • Provided Funding for All-day Kindergarten
  • Increased financial aid and froze tuition for students at the University of Minnesota or going to school at our State Colleges, Community Colleges and Vo-Techs
  • Provided $346 million tax cut for businesses
  • Funded proven job creation tools like low-interest business loans and job training to put Minnesotans back to work
  • Increased funding to address the issues of homeless youth from $115,000 a year to over $2.1 million a year
  • Provided over $1,000,000 to establish programs to protect children who are caught in or at risk of being sexually trafficked
  • Eased property tax burden on families and businesses by restoring the state’s commitment to cities, counties and school districts and providing direct relief to homeowners and renters
  • Established no excuse absentee voting for everyone in the State

Going forward I support:

  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Restoring White Bear Lake
  • Bonding to address the housing needs in the State
  • Continuing to address the water issues facing our region and state by re-establishing the Legislative Commission
  • Continuing to protect the right of choice for the women of our State
  • Working to eliminate red tape and streamline government operations
  • Improving funding and creating sustainable operations to meet our transportation and transit needs