Health & Human Services

Senior Citizens

“Making Seniors a Priority Again.” –Rep. Peter Fischer

Our community relies on programs that help vulnerable seniors live with independence and dignity.

We need to increase the funding for personal care attendants to make sure that senior citizens in our community are safe and being provided the highest quality of services.

In the state and around the nation, there is a shortage of personal care attendants; this issue must be addressed to make sure that senior citizens are provided with the care that they need and deserve.

Homes For All

I am a supporter of Homes For All.

It is critical that we provide affordable housing for all citizens in the community. As the Chief Financial Officer for an agency serving the homeless, I know how important having a home is.

Homes For All provides a secure and stable outlet for individuals and families at all income levels to have affordable housing.

For more information about Homes For All, Inc., click on the link below:


I am a supporter of MICAH. I greatly believe in affordable housing as well as building diverse communities within the Twin Cities metro area.

These are areas that have recently been funded during the 2016 legislative session:

  • Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED): $1.5 Million to expand the Latino Communities United in Service (CLUES).
  • Jobs and Economic Development Bill: $750,000 for workforce and affordable homeownership program
  • Department of Human Rights: $184,000 for creation of an office in St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • Department of Human Services:$33,000 for the Homeless Youth Act

    Mental Health Support And Housing

    I am a proud supporter of mental health funding and housing in Minnesota.

    It is imperative that we provide the proper accommodations, resources and services to people with disabilities. They are an important part of our community; therefore, they must be treated with the respect that they deserve.

    I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live independently and be able to live the life that they want to have. That is why it is essential that we have support and housing available for people that will greatly benefit from it.