I look forward to continuing the hard work to represent all of district 43A's constituents. I will continue to honor the Minnesota values that have driven my campaign - respect and cooperation.

Together we will continue to move Minnesota forward.

I am honored to serve the local community as your State Representative.

When I was sworn in our state was facing a deficit of $600 million, we owed our schools several billion dollars, and our budget was structurally imbalanced. Locally, our community faces declining ground water levels that have negatively impacted White Bear Lake.

We worked hard on our budget; we closed loop holes, created a more fair tax structure and paid back what we owed to our schools. In addition we made historic investments in education, froze college tuition and provided tax relief for homeowners, renters and businesses. I have also been leading efforts to address the water resources issues of White Bear Lake on many fronts. In the process of these accomplishments, I have been honored to receive a Legislator of Distinction Award, from the Minnesota League of Cities for Working Collaboratively on the water issues.

I want to thank you for giving me the honor of serving as your voice in the Minnesota House and I ask for your support as I engage in my re-election efforts. I look forward to having an opportunity to talk with you and expand on my positions and qualifications to represent you in the Minnesota House of Representatives.


Peter Fischer